What is Atomy Business

What is Atomy Business ? Really a Business? Really an opportunity of “Work from Home”? Does it really have Herbal Products?

Doing business is a great talent. But, not all can setup their business, because it needs a great amount of investment and in addition, not all businesses success even after a huge investment. So we try to find something where we don’t have to invest much or just no investment. But where in the world can we find such business opportunity.

Yes, we can find such an opportunity with world-wide know Korean based company known as “Atomy”.

Atomy gives an opportunity of all of us to become millionaires even without any investment.

Firstly, How is it possible? Is it real?

This is the question which is asked by many people before joining!

Here comes the Answer.

Yes, it is real and it is possible.

What is Atomy? Company Overview :

It is a Global Distribution Hub, which has over 2000 products and is being operated in more  than 16 countries in the world with the goal of its expansion in 30 more countries in the next few years.


Collaboration with KOLMAR, a 100 years old US Based company which manufactures health and Beauty and Pharmaceutical products for more the 500 top companies in the world including LG, SAMSUNG, PONDS etc. KOLMAR manufactures Atomy’s products. Its is also a R&D

Collaboration with KAERI (KOREAN ATOMIC ENERGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE)a Korean government organization, which, with high technology ultra-purifies Atomy’s products and makes them 500 times more effective.

The Company was established by Mr. Park, a world known Business Men, in 2009. Mr. Park himself worked for many years in MLM field and accumulated great amount of experience. After analysing everything, Mr. Park thought to bring an unique concept in the MLM field.

Secondly, What are the Products?

Products: Health & Beauty, Cosmetics, Food, Households, Living etc.

What is Atomy’s unique business system?

Here is the Details

S. Atomy’s Unique Business Model
1 Free Registration
2 No Joining Fee
3 No selling policy
4 No Monthly Purchase
5 No website Fee
6 No Annual Fee
7 No Autoship
8 Single ID global business

Thirdly, Who  can Join Atomy?

All the people above 18 years (Age may vary country to country, please check registration form)

One member between Husband and wife.

How does Atomy benefit me in doing Atomy Business?

Following commission slabs:

44 % General Commission
20% Master Bonuses & Incentives
6% Atomy Education Centre Commission
Total = 70% Commission

Fourthly, What is Atomy’s compensation Plan?

Follow this link : Click Here

How to work?

You can introduce Atomy to your family members, relatives and neighbors & get them registered under you. Therefore, the more members you register the more earning you can get from their purchase.

Atomy has a Binary Business system

In conclusion, Each one can sponsor only two people

I have 100 people, how to register them?

You can register other people under those two people whom you have registered under you. However, you can use their ID’s for registration only once.

Why Can’t I use twice?

If you want to work for them, you can use, specially your old father or any other member in the family whom you want to support.

Similarly, every member has equal opportunity to create business for themselves. In other words,  they can use their Ids to sponsor other people under them.

How do I get business?

You have to balance your Binary very well, which means Left and Right Leg. So your commission is calculated from the Lower point leg, which means if your right leg has more business than left, then the commission will be calculated from the left which has less business.

As a result, in the beginning you get 44% commission. However, Commission depends upon your team member’s purchase. Therefore, in conclusion, if you have more members then possibility of purchase will increase so the commission too.

What is Master ship Bonus?

Follow this link : Click Here

When can I start?

In Conclusion, you can start now by registering yourself from the Below given link: Register Now

I have friends in abroad, can I register them under me.

Yes you can, if your friends live in those countries where Atomy’s business is operational.

Please write to us for more Information

Email : admin@atomy-world.com

Whatsapp : +91 78380 85542

Youtube : Click Here

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