Atomy Seeks Expansion in Eurasia

Grand Opening of Atomy Russia, A Foretaste of Success Throughout Eurasia

Atomy’s story of success is now expected to spread throughout Eurasia. On May 3, 2019, the grand opening ceremony of Atomy Russia was held at the Moscow Trade Center in Moscow, the capital city of Russia. More than 1,300 people were present at the event including founder and president of Atomy, Mr. Han-Gill Park, Chief Executive Officer Kyung-Hee Do, Chief Operating Officer Seung-Gon Choi, vice president of Kolmar BNH Yeo-Won Yoon as well as other Atomy employees and members from Russia and other parts of the world. The opening ceremony itself was the 1st Success Academy hosted by Atomy Russia, where Mr. Park stated, “Atomy is the first network marketing company that has made it possible for consumers to benefit from just buying products. Through Russia, the success story of Atomy will spread throughout Eurasia.”

Dreams will be Realized Through Atomy

The opening ceremony began with welcome speeches by vice president of Kolmar BNH Yeo-Won Yoon, Crown Master Young-Sung Yoon and Imperial Master Yeon-Sook Kim. Imperial Master Kim shared, “If you dream your future vividly, you can live your dreams. I believe that many Atomy members here in Russia will achieve success and realize their dreams through Atomy.” An introduction of the company, product information, and sessions on the Balanced Life and Life Scenario programs were presented following the speeches. In addition, congratulatory messages arrived from Atomy overseas branches, and a celebratory video showed a train named Atomy departing from Atomy Park, the new headquarters of Atomy, and traveling across Siberia to its destination at the grand opening location. Subsequently, applause erupted from all parts of the venue, and the atmosphere was electrifying as the event continued with a performance by Drummer Lino Park and a traditional Russian folk dance where some of the guests jumped to their feet and joined the dancing.
Later, during his “Vision” lecture, President Han-Gill Park said that he dreams of a connected world where all people can inspire and lead one another, ultimately living in a “one-world.” He added, “What Atomy dreams of is a post-platform business through which the whole world can be connected through Atomy.” He concluded, “Above all, Atomy’s utmost mission is to make all the nations where Atomy opens its market to become more successful and live better off,” saying that he earnestly wishes that Atomy could help numerous members rise up to success in Russia, too, whose population size is more than 140 million. Recently, through Atomy Russia, 80 members were newly promoted including 65 Sales Masters, 13 Diamond Masters and 2 Sharon Rose Masters. Atomy’s success story seems to be spreading throughout Eurasia. Another meaningful part of the opening ceremony was when Atomy presented a 18,000 USD (1 million rupees) donation to the Russian Foundation for the Treatment of Children’s Incurable Diseases.

The Largest Country in the World, Connecting Asia and Europe

Russia is the country with the largest area in the world that connects Asia and Europe. It spans an area of more than 17 million km2 and is more than 170 times the size of South Korea which is about 100,000 km2. It has a population of about 140 million people, and its GDP is 1.58 trillion USD (data from The World Bank), which is slightly higher than Korea’s 1.53 trillion USD.
Russia’s direct sales market has been expanding steadily in recent years. The direct sales market grew 18.67% from 2.37 billion USD in 2014 to 2.81 billion USD in 2017. In contrast, there was a slight decrease in the number of salespersons from 5.43 million to 5.08 million, with females making up the majority at 89% of sellers. The key products sold through direct selling in 2017 were cosmetics and personal care items, which made up 48.2% of the total direct sales, followed by wellness products which made up 28.4% of sales. These 3 categories accounted for 76.6% of the total sales volume from direct selling in Russia.
Atomy’s grand opening in Russia made it the first Korean company to enter the European direct sales market. Russia spans both Asia and Europe, but most of its economic power is concentrated in areas that are part of Europe. It is virtually a European nation especially in terms of culture and the arts. The opening of Atomy Russia will open up opportunities to enter the direct selling market of the EEU (Eurasian Economic Union) which consists of five member states: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. The manager of Atomy Russia stated, “The opening of the Russia branch is a key step in achieving Atomy’s dream. Success in Russia could guarantee Atomy’s success throughout the rest of Europe.”

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