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About Atomy and Its Vision

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  • Company NameAtomy Co., Ltd.
  • FoundedJune 1, 2009
  • FounderHan-Gill Park
  • Global Revenue 1.3 billion USD
  • Global Members 6 million
  • Global Employees 300
  • Global Regions U.S, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, and Russia
  • Products 400+ products including HemoHIM, Absolute CellActive Skincare, Atomy Skincare The Fame, health foods, beauty products, home goods, food, and fashion
  • Headquarters 2148-21, Baekjemunhwa-ro, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea

Established in 2009, Atomy is a network marketing company that conducts direct sales in 14 different regions including South Korea (as of Dec. 2019). We are growing at a rapid pace by implementing a consumer-oriented strategy that adheres to the principles of Absolute Quality Absolute Price established by our founding Chairman Han-Gill Park. We are also solidifying the foundation for sustainable growth by focusing on our forward-thinking goal of customer success and fostering three key corporate cultures: observing principles, growing together, and sharing. In 2019, Atomy’s annual revenue was 1.3 billion USD and our global members totaled 6 million.

Atomy uses a consumer-oriented network marketing strategy. We select favorable products that are higher in quality at more reasonable prices, and sell them through distribution channels that can compete with department stores, discount stores, home shopping networks, and online shopping. In other words, we find products that are more competitive in quality and price than similar products distributed through other channels for our customers’ benefits. Through this strategy, we promise to 

The Basic Theory of Economy is Straightforward. Distribution is Key!  Effective Strategy where Quality meets Value.  Atomy’s MASSTIGE strategy is to provide  Absolute Quality products at an Absolute Price.

As the world market is more globalized and united to a single market, Atomy’s Masstige brand is positioned to gain momentum and growth.


Since its foundation in 2009, Atomy began establishing overseas branch offices, starting with Atomy USA in 2010, followed by Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, and Thailand. Atomy’s policy of high-quality goods for the masses, along with its relentless efforts in global markets, worked together to achieve an amazing feat: winning not one but numerous Export Tower Awards ($5 million in 2011, $10 million in 2013, $20 million in 2015, $30 million in 2016, and now $50 million in 2017).Therefore, Atomy is planning to open branch offices in Australia, Vietnam, and Indonesia during 2018, and develop the Chinese market – the world’s largest direct sales market – in 2019. As ever, Atomy is committed to devoting efforts to its vision of becoming a global distribution hub.


From establishment, our objective has not been competition with other network marketing companies.In addition, Alternatively, we compete with mass merchandisers such as supermarkets, department stores, home shopping, and online retailers to reshape and transform the way in purchasing goods. Henceforth, as a result Atomy will rewrite the history of Network Marketing.

Built on a foundation of principles, Atomy will lead the industry to reshape recognition and reputation.

Atomy follows 1. Principle Centered Culture 2. Culture of Accompanied Growth 3. Sharing Culture.

Our objective is beyond consumer satisfaction; rather it is centered for success.A corporation that cherishes the spirit! So, We believe that valuing individuals is our priority. Be our partner in faith and believe in your own success through Atomy. We will always serve you with the utmost humble heart. Therefore, Enjoy a beautiful life with Atomy and make your dreams come true.

01. Customers’ Success

For Atomy, customers are not simply a means to an end, but rather an end in themselves.The “Cow Philosophy” is an example of people being exploited as a means.
The motivation behind tending the cow is not the welfare of the cow itself,
but the collection of the maximum amount of milk.Atomy’s management strategy is founded on the “Baby Philosophy”.
A mother cares for her child without expecting anything in return.
The fundamental goal is the well-being of the child.In order for our customers to succeed, we must go beyond simply satisfying them.
We must dazzle them, giving it our all to see them succeed.
Through the medium of Atomy, consumers will achieve success
and our business partners will establish successful businesses.

02. Distribution HUB

Ultimate goal of Atomy is to become the world’s leading distribution hub.The hub is the central unit of a distribution network.
Atomy will secure absolute competitiveness to reach a position
that connects all the manufacturers and consumers in the world.We will serve the world with the GSGS strategy, adopting products
that have absolute quality and absolute pricing, everywhere in the world.

03. Leading Company

It strives to become the Premier Company.
To do so, we have adopted a management philosophy called “Honesty and integrity is the best policy”.
We will always stay the course of providing consumers with good-quality products at affordable prices.Not only is the company aiming to be a leading company, but its employees are also walking the same path.
We focus on programs that foster human resources, through which employees learn
that value is added through being honorable and good-willed.
3 Cultural Principles of Atomy for Aspiring Toward a Top-notch Company beyond First-classPrinciple-oriented culturePrinciple-oriented culture seeks to benefit every constituent of our society.Culture of mutual growth and cooperationThe culture of mutual growth and cooperation is about a company growing together with everybody.Culture of sharingLastly, the culture of Sharing is about loving and caring for all people around the world.We are sure that our three cultures form a solid foundation that will ensure our success for the next 100 years.

A Small but Big Company with delicate management

Our aims to be a small yet big company.

We are not preoccupied with the size or opulence of the company, but with being a rock-solid organization.
This management policy is in keeping with our founding principle of Being.

Atomy  eliminate unnecessary expenses but pay careful attention to what needs to be addressed.
For a truly big company, its employees’ happiness is big, its customers’ success is big and its contribution to society is big.

We will invest in our employees’ well-being generously, and stand by our principle of Absolute Quality and Absolute Price.

Furthermore, we make steady efforts to establish the culture of mutual growth and cooperation for our community.

  • Being

    Survival is the first goal for any organization, including corporations,
    and it is also a company’s most important social responsibility.
    A company is organically interrelated between its staff, members,
    customers, partner companies, and the local community.
    Therefore, the survival of Atomy is related to the survival of every individual surrounding Atomy.
    Atomy must survive in order for them to survive, and continue to create added value.Cost Management

    • Razor-thin Production Costs

    • Stable and solid financial management without incurring debt

    • Fixed cost management based on the Pipe Principle

    Operations Management

    • Transparency in Management

    • Principle-centered management, where principles are the solution to all thoughts and problems

    Human Resources Management

    • Development of creative talents

  • Speed

    Survival is the first goal of a corporation,
    but its larger value can only be created through growth.

    A steady pace is the most crucial element to Atomy’s growth.
    “The faster the better” doesn’t work for Atomy.

    Our pace is made up of both speed and direction. Atomy believes
    that the true meaning of velocity is when speed picks up in a precise direction.

    The Speed of Adaptation to External Changes

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution is influencing society at-large with more speed
    and over a wider area than previous industrial revolutions.
    Therefore, Atomy is trying its best to match the pace of a fast-changing contemporary world.

    The Speed of Atomy’s Expansion

    Speedy propagation of information is of great importance to Atomy.
    Information becomes more vulnerable to inaccuracy and deceleration
    as it is exposed to more stages. To prevent this and to ensure the accuracy of information,
    Atomy runs a seminar called “Success Academy”, which is broadcast simultaneously all over Korea.
    Our expansion into overseas market is also occurring simultaneously.

    The Pace of Atomy Members’ Business Expansion

    Atomy’s partner business expands geometrically according to the theory of multipliers.
    If you understand and apply the Atomy system correctly,
    your business will grow at a rate that would not be possible if you were on your own.

  • Balance

    ‘Balance’ is related to how we distribute our values.

    Atomy strives to fulfill its social responsibility of fairness through the balanced
    and equitable distribution of wealth.
    We consider the importance of fulfilling our social responsibility to equal
    that of a non-profit organization. Balanced distribution means fair distribution.
    Atomy seeks to achieve a balance in distribution in order to more efficiently
    and expansively reproduce the restricted amount of value.

    Balance maximizes Atomy’s social efficiency

    ‘Balance’ also enables Atomy to maximize its utility in society.
    Atomy’s utility to its members and consumers must be enhanced in a balanced way.
    ‘The Law of the Minimum’ dictates that the capacity of a barrel with staves of
    unequal length is limited by the shortest stave.

    It’s no exaggeration that the success of an enterprise depends on
    how balanced its distribution of generated wealth and surplus is.
    Greed for profit and arbitrary distribution of surplus can cause members
    and consumers to leave the organization.

    Atomy’s existence is impossible without members and consumers.
    In a way, balance is the same as the continual reinvestment of
    our resources for the sake of ‘Being’, our first founding principle.

Atomy Moto

Cherish the Spirit. Create the Vision.
Follow the Faith. Serve in Humility.


Cherish the Spirit

A human being, made in the image of God, cannot be a means to do something under any circumstances,
but is the most precious existence of all.

A human being is the end goal, never the means to an end, and must be valued as such.


Create the Vision

The most certain way of predicting the future is to plan the future ourselves.
We must focus our thoughts to bring about the planned future.


Follow the Faith.

We think that true belief is believing in something you cannot see,
and not what you can actually see.
Belief in an invisible vision is the power guiding our hands to make the right future.


Serve in Humility

Our thoughts should reach to the sky, but our feet should remain on the ground.
If we remain humble, even after we’ve achieved everything, unanimous respect from others,
on top of honorable achievement, can be ours.

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