22 June 2020 – Server Migration Notice

Atomy India Membership Migration Notice

Due to Server Migration from Korea to India, All the new registration are pending till next intimation. Therefore I request all the people to wait for next updation on this. Soon the New registration process will resume. We will let you know.

कोरिया से भारत में सर्वर प्रवासन के कारण, सभी नए पंजीकरण अगली सूचना तक लंबित हैं। इसलिए मैं सभी लोगों से अनुरोध करता हूं कि इस पर अगली अपडेशन का इंतजार करें। जल्द ही नई रजिस्ट्रशन प्रक्रिया फिर से शुरू होगी। हम आपको बता देंगे।

Atomy India Membership Migration Notice

Dear Members/Leaders/Sponsors

We highly appreciate your patience and cooperation throughout Atomy India’s journey. In view of COVID 19 spread, India was under the complete lockdown for 74 days. However, Unlock 1.0 was implemented from 8th June, 2020 and still many services are not fully functional and  COVID 19 positive cases are increasing rapidly day by day.

In spite of the situation, we have decided to start the migration of Indian consumer members who registered on South Korean website to Atomy India effective from 22nd June, 2020 at 11:00 AM (IST) (Korea time on 22nd June, 14:30PM).

Before starting the updating information, kindly note that the Indian Distributors should be at least 18 years of age (Except the state of Maharashtra where the minimum age requirement is 21 years)


Step 1Login with Membership ID and Password in www.atomy.com/in
Step 2Click “Edit My Account”
Step 3Watch both Videos :

A. Company Introduction

B. Compensation Plan

Step 4After reading the following documents please give consent if you agree

– Direct Seller Agreement

– Code of Ethics and Principles

– Compensation plan

– Policies and Procedures

Step 5Please check Mobile No., Email ID and password and change if required.
Step 6    PAN verification:

Required for members joined before 14th Nov, 2019.

(Those who have joined from 14th Nov, 2019 will NOT be required to complete PAN verification)

Step 7Directly go to Address Proof Verification
a) Auto Verification With Aadhaar

– From the dropdown box select Aadhaar

– Input Aadhaar No. and click on “Aadhaar verification”

– Click on “Send OTP”

– Input OTP received and click on “OTP verification button”

– Check your address, city, district, state and pincode (These cannot be edited further)

– With Auto Aadhaar card, it will be verified on real time basis

b) Manual Verification through other address proof documents

– Choose one of your IDs from the drop down box among Passport, Driving License and Voter ID

– Input Address Proof Document No.

– Attach Address Proof Document (front and back page)

– Modify Address, City, District, State and Pincode as per the attached Address Proof Document

– Manual Verification with Passport/Driving License/Voter ID may take up to 2 months

Step 8Give the consent on 1-4 points of  Address Proof Document Upload Notice
Step 9The Members/Distributors are requested to update spouse’s details if needed
Step 10Click “Confirm” button to submit your updated information

 Important notes:

  1.   Please take extra care while updating the information, as  after submitting the information, basic information cannot be edited until the shopping mall is opened.
  2.  After updating the required information, upon verification Atomy members will be successfully migrated to Atomy India and they will be called as Atomy Distributors. The Membership Number will be called as ADN (Atomy Distributor Number).
  3.  During the process of migration, Indian Members/Distributors will not be able to make any new registration on both South Korean as well as Atomy India website. Commencement of the new Member/Distributor registration will be updated soon.
  4.  During the process of migration, Members/Distributors cannot purchase products from Atomy Korea website as well as from any other Atomy Subsidiaries.
  5.  Kindly note that only one single ID will be applicable for the legal married couple, hence please update only one ID in case you have two separate spouse IDs. In case, Atomy India finds out that a legal married couple have two separate IDs or Member/Distributor has verified two separate IDs, then strict action will be taken as per Direct Seller Agreement and Atomy’s Code of Ethics and Principles.

6     Soft copy of Direct Seller Agreement with Atomy India will be available in Member/Distributor’s profile section. The date of availability of the Agreement will be an    nounced after completion of the process of migration.

  For further queries, kindly mail us at care@atomy.kr or call us on +91-124-647-2882.

  Atomy Enterprise India Pvt. Ltd.


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